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Alumni Emails
What follows is a table of email addresses for those who submitted them to us at some point in time for listing.

The arrangement is as such: They are in chronological order first, followed by alphabetical order with respect to the last name. If you went to school with a Jane Doe and then, after a healthy courtship, she married Robert Smith she would be listed as Jane (Doe) Smith and alphabetized according to her maiden name Doe.

The "Reside" section is not required, we would just like everyone to see how our alumni have branched out all over the world. Enjoy and catch up with some long lost friends.
Send class news, reunion information, email addresses, corrections or questions by completing our contact form.

Alumni Email Addresses
Class Name Reside
STJ-48 Jack Shughrou Chula Vista, CA
STJ-49 Margaret J. (Greenya) Lupacchino Williamsport, PA
STM-49 Peter A. Lupacchino Williamsport, PA
STJ-49 Peggy (Young) Shughrou Chula Vista, CA
STM-50 Ann Mary (Burrows) Avallone *****
STM-50 Vincent Leta *****
STM-51 Joseph Hahn Bath, ME
STM-51 James Kellet Camarillo, CA
STM-51 Cora (Stopper) Kozen Williamsport, PA
STM-51 Louise (Ziegler) Duggan Plymouth, Mass.
STJ-52 Patricia (O'Brien) Barto Williamsport, PA
STM-52 James Edgeworth ******
STM-54 David Bertin Ivyland, PA
STM-54 Tom Dincher Barrington, IL
STM-54 Frank E. Hahn Minnetonka, MN
STJ-55 Joseph L. Ray Hilton Head Island, SC
STM-55 Frank Casale Williamsport, PA
STM-55 Dick Rohrer Williamsport, PA
STJ-56 Bob Ray Rochester, NY
STM-56 Pearl S. (Dincher) Rohrer Williamsport, PA
STJ-58 Charles J. Dincher Finksburg, MD
STJ-58 Charlie Letteer *****
STJ-58 Eileen (Young) Rothenberger Pennsylvania
STJ-59 Maureen (Dolan) Dincher Finksburg, MD
STJ-59 Thomas Eiswerth Pittsford, NY
STJ-63 Lorraine (Schelb) Little Millville, PA
1970 Christine (Bluhm) McDermott South Williamsport
1970 Nancy (Engel) Dorman *****
1970 Greg Entz Williamsport, PA
1970 Bob Kline *********
1970 Joe Lupacchino Seminole, FL
1970 Kathleen O'Neill Flynn Lancaster, PA
1971 Peter M. Lupacchino Jersey Shore, PA
1972 Daniel Hayes ******
1972 Susan Ring Avenell San Antonio, TX
1972 Betty Lepore Noviello ******
1973 Kate Berrigan Camp Hill, PA
1973 Robert Tourscher St. John, FL
1974 Debbie Black Harrisburg, PA
1974 Bill Henderson Pennsylvania
1974 Donna (Lupacchino) Magill Arlington, VA
1975 Susan (Bubb) Stewart Virginia
1975 Jane Clark Moore Pennsylvania
1975 Frank Diccicco ******
1975 John Gerwin Sugar Land, TX
1975 Barbara Hetzel Blairstown, NJ
1976 Diane (Beardsley) Baldi Scranton, PA
1976 Larry Clark Pennsylvania
1976 Patricia (Daniels) Everly Philadelphia, PA
1976 Mary Jo (Gair) Winder Pennsylvania
1976 Catherine King Williamsport, PA
1976 Teresa Neufer Williamsport, PA
1976 Jon Peters ******
1976 Cathy (Rohrer) Wertz Williamsport, PA
1976 Karen Tompkins Massachusetts
1977 Julie (Casale) Snyder Pennsylvania
1977 Susan (Haefner) Becker Ohio
1977 Patty Rohrer Pennsylvania
1977 Vance Venesky Twinsburg, OH
1978 Michele (Bloom) Brague Williamsport, PA
1978 Ed Hiller Williamsport, PA
1978 Paula (Patchin) Skolnick West Orange, NJ
1978 Lori (Venesky) Rueger *****
1979 Ken Foreman New Jersey
1979 Janet (Burd) Hessert Williamsport, PA
1979 Susan (Engel) Penfield Laytonsville, MD
1979 Michael J. Lupacchino Langhorne, PA
1979 Jim Stopper Williamsport, PA
1980 Maria (Bower) Maddy Williamsport, PA
1980 Ann (Dincher) Ryder Richmond, VA
1980 Jacqueline (Haefner) Fagnano Williamsport, PA
1980 Marcia (Kiessling) Davis Lock Haven, PA
1980 Annette (Lorson) Mahonski Williamsport, PA
1980 Steve Mahonski Williamsport, PA
1980 Michael P. Murphy Williamsport, PA
1980 David Robinson *****
1980 Kathleen Stopper *****
1980 Wendi (Weikel) Bigelow Columbus, OH
1981 Kathy (Beiter) Bahr Montoursville, PA
1981 Gabe Campana Williamsport, PA
1981 John Hiller Huntersville, NC
1981 Louann (Eck) Fortin S. Williamsport, PA 
1981 Patricia Kiessling S. Williamsport, PA
1981 Ken Rohrer Pennsylvania
1981 Linda (Ziegler) Halter *****
1982 Hans Blom *****
1982 Maria (Casale) Faubion Pennsylvania
1982 Mark Felix Alpharetta, GA
1982 Denise (Fesemyer) DiSalvo Williamsport, PA
1982 Peggy A. (Lupacchino) DeFrancesco Williamsport, PA
1982 Mike Turner State College, PA
1983 Anthony Davies Pennsylvania
1983 Mark Entz Pennsylvania
1983 David Janaskie Dallas, TX
1983 Rob Pierce Williamsport. PA
1983 Rick Rohrer Freehold, NJ
1984 Michael Beiter Williamsport, PA
1984 Paul Neidig ******
1985 Todd Bloom Dallas, TX
1985 Jolinda (Steinbacher) Babcock Winston - Salem, NC
1985 Michael Gerwin:  mjgerwin@aol.com Alexandria, VA
1985 Brian Kita Duboistown, PA
1985 Tom Stopper ******
1986 Mary Beth (Esposit) Sheleman Williamsport, PA
1986 Donna (Reasner) Armstrong * * * * * * *
1986 Mary Jane (Armstrong) Evans Atlanta, GA
1986 Julie (Cellini) Logan ******
1986 Mike English Williamsport, PA
1986 Terrence Evans Atlanta, GA
1987 Patrick Cummings  Austin, TX
1987 Marianne (English) Geer New Jersey
1987 Michael David McPherson Mexico City
1988 Jerry Zeidler *****
1989 Paula Beiter Williamsport, PA
1989 Eric Ziegler State College, PA
1990 Amy (Betz) Bowen Muncy, PA
1990 Tom Heffner Williamsport, PA
1990 Theresa (McNamara) Mongiovi Lancaster, PA
1990 Ann Reasner Williamsport, PA
1990 Daniel A. Speace Frederick, MD
1990 Keith Stover Minneapolis, MN
1990 Robyn (Temple) Smolkin *****
1990 Jessica (Young) Feliciano *****
1991 Tracey Haswell Asheville, NC
1991 Michelle (Pantano) Hang ******
1992 Matt Henderson Montoursville, PA
1992 Vicki (Jolin) Henderson Montoursville, PA
1992 Brian Stover Chicago, IL
1992 Brian Wagner Mechanicsburg, PA
1993 Kevin Kirby West Chester, PA
1993 James Pivorotto PA
1993 Peter Stover Chicago, IL
1993 Annie (Vanaskie) Watters ******
1994 Michael Baier ******
1994 Matthew Georgy Cleveland, OH
1994 Jennifer Lingg *****
1995 Heather Seasholtz *****
1995 Albert Stroble Jackson Heights, NY
1996 Susie (Burd) Hill Chicago, IL
1996 Michelle (Kline) Tansley Barre, VT
1996 Matt Morrison San Diego, CA
1997 Jacob Bertin Williamsport, PA
1998 Gerry Rohrer Norfolk, VA
1999 Stefanie Seasholtz *****


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